Parco del Pitone is an age-old oak wood on the ridge of a mountain directly facing the Iseo Lake, at 500 m above sea level.

The park comprises an amazing adventure path with a total of 31 aerial platforms and with five different stages of difficulty, starting from 3 years old up to any age.

Dynamic and professional staff will follow you throughout your experience and, just in case, will help you get out of tricky situations!

Having equipped you, the trainers will take you in a very safe way through lianas, pulleys, Tibetan bridges and other fun activities.

Since last year the park features a new anti-fall system that improves security!

The park is located among the woods of Gandosso (BG), 7 km far from Sarnico and 7 km from Grumello del Monte.


A picnic ground is available

No credit cards are accepted, cash only.

Access to the paths is forbidden without wearing appropriate, confortable clothing such as trousers, shorts and training shoes. Sandals, skirts, dresses Will not be allowed.

When the park is closed (brown days on the calendar), it is still possible to book for groups of at least 15 people by calling the phone number: 3939169490

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